How big is too big?

Can it be too big?

If you’re talking about a class size at the gym, the answer is definitely yes.

We cap our classes at 10 participants.

We recently decided we wanted to expand to allow more people at some busy class times. So did we just add to the cap with Phase 4? No. We wanted to do it right.

At Sycamore CrossFit, if our classes go over 10 participants, we add a second coach and cap it at 15.

But why? Why is class size important? Why don’t we jam as many people in as we can like sardines?

One word: Coaching

We pride ourselves on our coaching.

It’s what separates us from other gyms.

It’s what keeps our clients safe.

Our coaches help our clients improve their movement patterns, make modifications to movements and rep schemes, and guide our clients through each personal training session or class.

We can run a class of 20 people, but when we do, we aren’t living up to the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

We keep our class sizes small so that we can give each client individualized attention and feedback. Smaller classes mean more time with your coach focusing on you.

We keep our classes small to keep clients safe as they perform highly skilled movements.

Finally, we keep our classes small because right now that’s the right thing to do. And we always aim to do the right thing.

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