Goodbyes Are Hard

Please read a message from Coach Dillon Boss below.

Sycamore CrossFit,

Hey bros! We have been dealing with uncertain times these past couple months. The gym has done a great job navigating through it, and it’s looking like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those who stuck around. The coronavirus pretty much pushed my wife, Ace, and myself back home to Decatur. I completely trust in Gods timing, and understand that we don’t always understand the path that lies ahead of us. With all that being said, I will sadly not be able to return to my normal coaching duties at SCF. We are going to stick it out at home the next couple months, and decide where we want to go from there. I can’t express how much I enjoyed my time with this community. I have coached at many different locations, and never have I seen such a diversely thinking group of people in the same gym manage to love each other the way you guys do. SCF is truly a family. Cherish that. I will not be a stranger to you guys. I will stay in contact and visit when I can. I can’t even express how thankful I am to Carl, Eric, and the rest of the staff for accepting me for who I am as a coach and a human. To the members, you guys are what makes this job amazing. I had some really great experiences in our year together. I love you guys.

P.S. Keep getting after it, keep listening to gangster rap, and keep getting on Eric’s nerves for me.

Dillon has been an amazing asset to our team, and he will be greatly missed. We are thankful for the time he was able to spend with us. We are thankful for his incredible coaching, his ability to motivate people, and for all the smiles he put on members’ and coaches’ faces every day.

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