Give Me Some Space!!!

Is anyone else feeling a little claustrophobic lately?

I don’t want to be in many public places. I don’t want to be in crowds. I just feel uncomfortable everywhere I go.

The gym might sound like a frightening place to go. Stuffed in a building with people you don’t know. Little to no airflow.

What if your gym felt like it was outdoors?

We have two giant garage doors and a huge front door that are always open to maximize airflow.

What if you had your own space?

We’ve created 10 ft x 10ft spaces for each athlete during group classes. All of your equipment is your own, and it all gets cleaned thoroughly between classes. During personal training sessions, you can have your own large area with just you and your coach.

What if you knew everyone?

At our group classes, people know each other. We are a community, even if you are meeting someone for the first time. You don’t feel like you’re working out with a bunch of strangers – you feel like you’re working out with your friends.

What if classes were small?

Our classes are capped at 10-15 participants. And 15 participants are only allowed at certain times per day. 

You can feel more comfortable knowing you’re in a small group of people no matter what.

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