Fat Loss Sucks

I’m going to seriously start my weight loss journey tomorrow.  Got wise words to say?  


It’s going to go way slower than you want.  You’re going to get frustrated. You’re going to feel like it’s not working.  You’re going to be hungry. You might even feel like crap. No matter what…don’t quit.  Keep going, never stop, because as long as you don’t quit, I promise you will succeed.


This starts today.  Keep going. Be persistent.  Create a reminder. Make it your background. Print it and paste it on your bathroom mirror.  Whatever you do, keep these thoughts at the forefront of your mind.


Because the not-so-sexy truth about fat loss is…it’s not easy.  It’s not quick. It’s not fun or glamorous or noble. Fat loss sucks.  Straight up, it sucks and it’s hard, maybe harder than anything else you have ever done.  


There are ways to make it suck less and be more sustainable.  You don’t need to eliminate everything in your life, and you are absolutely able to lose fat WITHOUT starving yourself.  And you CAN lose fat while having fun and living life.


But the mental side of fat loss is what most people overlook. It never goes as quickly as you want.  You regularly feel like you’re messing up. You often doubt yourself and your ability to stay on track.  You regularly feel like you’re missing out on social events and struggle to find the balance between “strict enough to achieve goals” and “flexible enough to enjoy life.”


The good news is, all these struggles are normal.  We all go through them, and with enough time and effort and dedication and patience… you can come out on the other side, fully understanding how to stay lean year-round, without having these feelings again.


There’s a difference.  A difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.  The difference lies in your persistence – your ability to fail…get back up…and try again.  Because you will get off track. You will make mistakes. You will have days and weeks and months that don’t go your way.  And that’s okay.


You will come out on top.  You will win. You will succeed.  I promise. Just as long as you’re willing to keep getting back up and trying again and again and again.  Because the only way to guarantee failure is to quit. So don’t quit. Grit your teeth. Stand back up. And keep on fighting.  You got this.

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