Do I need to get in shape first?

Once in a while when someone walks into Sycamore CrossFit we hear them say something like, “I’ve been wanting to come in here for a while, but I needed to get in shape first.”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You have to have experience to get experience.” Wait what? But then how do I get the experience? Please please please do not let yourself think, “I have to be in shape to get in shape.” No! You can start getting in shape right now!

We have people of all shapes and sizes who workout at our gym. But we do realize that the intense workouts can seem intimidating. So let me share a few facts about what working out at Sycamore CrossFit is like.

Fact #1: We have worked with people of every ability level

We have worked with people of all ability levels. Some people come in running a 5-minute mile. Other people come in and cannot run 100m without walking. We work with people who have physical limitations and even people working out through pregnancy.

You do not have to be in shape to start. Let us help you get in shape. 

Fact #2: We always start with one-on-one training

We don’t expect anyone to walk into our gym and suddenly start running miles and throwing weights around. In fact, we don’t really allow it.

Unless you’ve got some serious prior athletic training, everyone starts out with 5 one-on-one personal training sessions. During these sessions, we focus on learning the movements, making good nutritional choices, and building confidence in the workouts we do.

Fact #3: Everyone does their own version of the workout

If you decide to join a group fitness class you will see that everyone is doing the same workout…sort of. It’s not appropriate for a former collegiate athlete to do the same workout as someone who hasn’t been to a gym in years. So while everyone in a group class is doing some version of the same thing, it’s their own version.

We may change up rep numbers, distances, and even entire movements, which brings me to…

Fact #4: We can modify every movement

We can and do modify every single movement you see in a workout. The beauty of modifying movements, is it’s the best way to someday be able to do the actual movement! Have you always wanted to do a push-up or pull-up? Are you eager to be able to run a mile without stopping? We can help!

Fact #5: Everyone is there to support you

Every athlete at Sycamore CrossFit wants to see you succeed. Being in a group class is like being at a team practice. Except as long as we are all working toward are goals and getting healthier and more fit, everyone gets to win!

Fact #6: You will see results

It can feel like you need to get into shape to start, but that’s not true. We can help you get into shape!

We hear story after story from our clients of the things they can do since they started.

Michelle and David climbed a rope for the first time at Sycamore CrossFit. 

Phoebe ran her fastest mile ever at Sycamore CrossFit.

Baylee, Nathan, and Mallory got their first muscle-up at Sycamore CrossFit.

And those are just a few!

We can’t wait to see what you will be able to do. You just need to start.

I’m ready to get in shape.

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