Bring a Friend Week (May 8-12, 2023)

Sycamore CrossFit is excited to announce Bring a Friend Week!

Bring a Friend Week takes place May 8 – 12. During this week, you can bring a friend to class with you.

Talk to your friend about which class you will attend together, and then have them sign up using this link.

All your friend needs to fill out the form is their name, your name, and the date/time of the class they want to attend. At the end, they will sign a waiver so they can jump right into class!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many friends can I bring?

We ask that you bring no more than 2 friends per class. If you want to bring more than two, you just need to spread them out throughout the week.

Can I bring the same friend more than once?


Does my friend need to do Foundations before they come?

No. The workouts will still be tough, but this week will be designed to allow people of all abilities and fitness levels to jump right in.

What happens if my friend wants to join?

We will reach out to anyone who has visited after Bring a Friend Week to find out if they are interested in trying Foundations.

Will there be a special promotion tied to Bring a Friend Week?

Yes. Both the member and their friend will receive a promotion for the first month the friend signs up for (post-Foundations).

Can you give me the link I send to my friend one more time?

Of course I can! Click here!

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