Athlete Spotlight – Jenni L.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

I was initially introduced to Sycamore CrossFit through a family member.  I had been considering working out but was not motivated to work out at home or join a typical gym. I joined her at a Saturday group class and regretted my choices the entire time. I was self-conscious, exhausted, and weak. For the following month, I regularly thought about that day. I thought CrossFit might be a way for me to regain control of my body after having 3 kids, get stronger, and stay healthier for the sake of myself and my kids. I keep going back… because I was right! What I didn’t anticipate was the family and support system I would gain by joining Sycamore CrossFit. 

What’s your best story about SCF?

One of my most memorable days so far at Sycamore CrossFit was at a Friday Night Lights event last fall.  The 2020 Open workout that we were doing required me to do pull-ups (which I had never attempted, despite gaining a lot of strength since starting CrossFit). My plan was to complete as much of the workout as I could, then wait out the clock since I couldn’t do pull-ups. I completed the rest of the movements and still had a lot of time remaining, so other members encouraged me to try some pull-ups. After a few failed attempts, I was able to get a kipping pull-up. With multiple people cheering me on, I was able to complete 14 pull-ups before the time cap. I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of joy I got that night! 

What advice would you give the person you were a year ago?

Advice I would give to my prior self would be to take that step out of your comfort zone. I have always been hesitant to take chances, meet new people, and be vulnerable. Once I allowed myself to do that, I became stronger, made friendships, and started laying the foundations for a healthier life.

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