Athlete Spotlight – Callie B.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

I started CrossFit because my mom has been doing CrossFit for a really long time and I wanted to try something new. She recommended CrossFit so I tried it and ended up loving it.

What’s your best story about the gym?

My favorite memory about the gym is when I was doing MURPH at my cabin with my sister and mom. I ended up doing almost double the number of reps that you’re supposed to do. (I am terrible at counting reps).

What advice would you give to the person you were a year ago?

I would tell myself to push yourself even when it gets tough because in the end it will pay off.

What accomplishment at the gym or in your nutrition are you the most proud of?

I am proud of the fact that I haven’t gotten injured since joining CrossFit. That’s a really big accomplishment for me, because I am really accident prone.

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