5 Tips for Reducing Stress

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, today might be a little stressful.

So we’re here for you with some tips for managing your stress levels on those especially stressful days!

Tip #1: Move Your Body

Movement does so much good for us.

When you’re stressed, hitting the gym can be a huge relief. 

Make some time for yourself to move.

Did you workout in the morning and your stress levels are high in the evening? Go for a walk! Get some fresh air!

Maybe get some stretching in! Or a quick and easy at-home workout!

Moving your body will help relieve your stress and give your mind another place to go, at least temporarily.

Tip #2: Remove One Thing

Remove something from your life or from your day that is simply too much.

Maybe this means getting takeout (try to keep it healthy!) one night a week.

Maybe this means hiring a cleaning service for your home once a month.

Maybe this means asking your spouse, or parents, or a friend for help with something on your to-do list.

If it’s a particularly stressful day, maybe you just need to remove something from that day.

But if you’re dealing with constant stress, then you may need to consider taking on a little bit less on a permanent basis.

Tip #3: Put Your Phone Down

When life gets stressful we can default to staring at our phone while we scroll through the news or social media.

Take a break today!

Pick a specific amount of time, maybe 30 min, maybe an hour, and put your phone in “jail.” Spend some extra time with your family. Focus on the present moment and what you’re doing.

Tip #4: Do Some Meditation

Maybe you love meditating, and maybe you’ve never tried it, but breathing techniques are an amazing way to reduce your stress levels.

Does anyone else have a really hard time sleeping when they get stressed out? Try using a breathing or meditation app to help you fall asleep. Or ask us about the tapping technique!

Tip #5: Get Some Rest

Give yourself permission to take some rest. Go to bed early. Let yourself recharge.

If stress is making it harder to fall asleep, see Tip #4!

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