25 Days of Bingo FAQ

How do I do this square? – Email us your “Wednesday Why”

Send an email to pbalentyne@sycamorecrossfit.com with the reason why you keep coming back to Sycamore CrossFit. This should be about 1-3 sentences.

What if I’ve already done something?

There are some squares that you can really only do once, so if you’ve already done them, you automatically get that square! You do not have to do them again. Here are the squares you automatically get if you’ve done it once:

  • Payment on file is ACH (checking account)
  • Write a review on Google
  • Write a review on Facebook

What if I’ve already done something else like attend 5 classes in one week?

Sorry, friend. The rest of these must be done Dec 1 – Dec 25. The only exception is that you do not need to re-follow @sycamorecrossfit on Instagram, but you DO need to leave your comment on a post between Dec 1 and Dec 25.

What if I’ve already attended every class time?

If you are one of the amazing few who have already attended every class time we have, then you automatically get that square.

How do I sign up for a free goal setting session?

Sign-up here!

If you cannot get in before December 25th, that’s okay. Make sure you schedule yourself before the end of January, and show a coach your appointment confirmation to get the square signed.

What if I just recently did a goal setting session?

Our goal is to get each member in for a goal setting session every 90 days. If you already had a goal setting session in November, then you can get this square signed. If you did one in October, please schedule one for January. If your last goal setting session was before October (or never), then make sure to sign-up ASAP!

Where do I send my friend to sign-up for a No-Sweat Intro?

Sign-up here!

What counts as posting a picture of video of a PR?

We realize it may be difficult to get a picture or video of yourself actually hitting a PR, so you can also post a picture of yourself afterward, a picture of your post on the Bright Spot Board at the gym, or even a picture of your gold star in Wodify. Just make sure to post about your PR and tag us in the post.

What if I black out the whole Bingo card?

Anyone who gets a black out (in Bingo 😜) will be entered into a drawing for an additional prize.

Do you have a question that we were not able to answer here?

Please email pbalentyne@sycamorecrossfit.com with any additional questions.

Thanks for participating!

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