#1 Rule to Live by When Trying to Gain or Lose Weight

Have you googled weight loss, nutrition, which diet is right for me, or healthy eating lately? WOW!! The number of content that pops up is overwhelming!! Let me simplify it for you a bit. 

I first want to disclose that I am not a medical professional, a Registered Dietician, or anything of the sort. I have, however, completed an accredited nutrition course and additional certifications- we also run a program backed by an RD. I also want to say this information holds true for most people with the exception of those with medical conditions or other extenuating circumstances.

Okay so here we go– If you eat more food (energy) than you use, you will most likely gain weight. If you use more energy than you consume (food) you will most likely lose weight. This is the Calories In Vs. Calories Out rule. Simple right? When it comes to weight loss this is the number one rule to live by. It also brings up a couple of questions, so let’s review those.

The first is- what should I eat? I am always a fan of eating whole foods over food products. This means fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, grains, and vegetables. Some of these need to be limited over others- but they are all examples of whole foods. 

Do I mean you should NEVER eat food products? NO WAY- as long as you keep these things in moderation you are setting up habits to foster weight loss and better overall health. If you want to read more about this topic, I suggest you check out this blog post from Precision Nutrition found HERE.

The second is how many calories should I be eating? That one is a bit more tricky because it depends on quite a few factors such as current weight, height, body fat percent, goal weight, the date you want to reach your goal, and your current activity levels. Phew- that’s a lot. The good news is that I can help you with that. 
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