Sycamore CrossFit Youth Sport Performance

Sycamore CrossFit’s strength and conditioning program for teens ages12 and up


Today’s youth are developing earlier each year, and regardless of the type of sport, it is important they are equipped with basic athletic fundamentals. Elements of athleticism include balance and coordination, speed and agility, and strength and body awareness. These are all crucial to developing the skills and abilities needed to optimize athleticism and prevent injuries. Our Sport Performance program will provide your youth with agility, speed, and power to reach their maximum potential on and off the field.

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Strength & Speed

Optimize your strength to optimize your sports performance. Learn athletic training techniques that will make you go higher, faster, farther, and harder!

Develop your speed and agility skills to go faster and further to reach your peak potential.

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Injury Prevention

Using functional movement, mobility, and stability training, we will teach you not only to reduce and prevent injuries but also to perform better.

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Challenge yourself to be the best in your sport. Achieve your goals by building a strong foundation to improve your athleticism and continue to push yourself to the next level. Our program's components will motivate and accelerate you to be the best athlete you can be!