Nutrition Achievement Spotlight: Mikalah B.

Today’s Nutrition Achievement Spotlight is: Mikalah B.


Mikalah began our nutrition program in October of 2017. Over the past 11 months, she has seen some incredible results! I mean, have you seen those abs?! She has lost body fat and increased her performance in the gym, getting PRs on every single lift!


Like many of us, Mikalah was eaten a lot of nutritious foods before starting our program, but she found out she was under-eating. “Before starting the nutrition program, I, like many thought I was eating pretty healthy. Turns out I wasn’t eating enough. The nutrition program taught me how to properly fuel my body to meet my goals.  I’ve physically seen the benefits that eating more has done to my body.”


Mikalah has also gained a lot of confidence. “Since starting the nutrition program last October I have seen a lot of changes in myself, both physically and mentally. I’m definitely a lot more confident in myself and comfortable in my own skin.”


Mikalah has learned a lot of lessons throughout the past year. She attributes meal planning and prep work to her success in part. “Although it did sound daunting at first to spend a few hrs to prep meals for the week it has made my life easier and less stressful during the week.” But she also understand the importance of balance. “Another thing I have learned is that it is okay to treat yourself (in moderation) and that your diet doesn’t have to be perfect. Pizza with some friends, or ice cream on a hot day isn’t going to reverse everything.”


Mikalah is a shining example of the results you can gain through hard work and proper nutrition! Thank you for sharing with us and letting us be a part of your journey!


Sycamore CrossFit Team

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