Nutrition Achievement Spotlight – Julie B.

We are excited to announce our very first Nutrition Achievement Spotlight: Julie B.

Julie, like many of us, found that she was under-eating as she tried to achieve her goals. Her program increased her food consumption, which has helped her achieve the results she was looking for! In her own words, “I thought I ate pretty healthy before, but my eyes have been opened to just how many nutritious foods there are out there and how much food you can actually eat in a day when you eat right!”

Over the past six months, her shoulders grew 1.5 inches and her hips/butt grew 1 inch! She has also decreased her body fat by 2% all while gaining muscle mass!

Ongoing nutrition has helped Julie make a lifestyle change. “I would say the most important thing I have learned since prioritizing my nutrition is that it is a lifestyle change and not a ‘diet’ or temporary.”

Julie has also learned balance. She can still enjoy herself while reaching her goals and making nutrition a priority. “I occasionally have my cheat meals (date nights or out with friends) and I don’t even track those meals, I try not to worry about that…I know the next day I can get right back to tracking again!”

Thank you for sharing, Julie! We are so proud of your achievements!


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