It’s Not Black & White

Carbs are bad. Sugar is the devil. Fat will clog your arteries. Too much protein will destroy your kidneys… scary stuff. Maybe we should all switch to the ice cube diet? I hear those are a 0 calorie, gluten-free superfood full of antioxidants. You better make sure they are from triple filtered Icelandic glacier water though, wouldn’t want fluoride and chlorine to take you out.

The truth is the diet industry is worth over 66 billion dollars, and every week, someone comes up with some crazy new diet fad or paints a picture on how this is good and that is bad. Nutrition is not nor will it EVER be black or white like that. Its all relative. Everything must be taken in context. There are many ways to successfully lose body fat, or gain muscle, or be generally healthier overall. Finding one that works for you that you can continue as a lifestyle is what is important. If the idea of giving up pasta, bread, etc and keeping track of your carbs sounds horrific, keto probably isn’t for you. If you are stressed out by the thought of tracking all your food, a macro tracking weight loss plan may not be the best fit for you. The key to success is slightly different for everyone, that’s why you want a plan built specifically for you, and even then it may take a little bit of trial and error to find what really makes you thrive.

Start with adequate protein (~1g/pound of lean body mass or 30% of your calories is a good place to start) enough carbs to fuel your more intense activities (specific to each persons activity and efficiency) and healthy fats to fuel your general activity. Move often at a slow pace (10k steps a day is a good goal, doesn’t have to be walking though), drink water, get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, minimize your alcohol consumption, don’t overdo caffeine, and avoid processed “food stuff” and things that come from boxes/packages.

If this seems like a lot, I promise you can do it, however having someone in your corner to ask questions or to pump you up when motivation is lacking will make a world of difference.

In Health,

Coach Chris

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