Will I get too bulky?

Sometimes when we have someone come into our gym, particularly women, they have a fear: they’re afraid they will get too bulky.

Whether you find muscles on women attractive is your business. We happen to think they look amazing! But we definitely understand the fear.

Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences, and we’re not here to make you look a way you’re not comfortable with.

So here are some hard truths about putting on muscle definition:

It doesn’t happen overnight.

Just like people don’t gain or lose weight overnight, putting on muscle doesn’t happen overnight. We promise, you will not come into our gym and looked jacked in a day – much to some other people’s dismay.

It will take time to start seeing yourself gain muscle definition. And who knows, you might end up liking it! A lot!

But if you don’t, you can’t start lifting lighter weights, pushing your endurance training more, etc. Every workout at our gym is infinitely scalable, and our coaches pay attention to your specific goals. If you tell them you want to focus on lighter weights and cardio, they will help you make that happen.

Nutrition plays a factor.

You have to eat a lot of protein to put on muscle. To truly get “bulky” you would probably need to drastically change your diet. You don’t have to worry that it’s going to happen without you noticing.

Genetics play a factor.

Genetics play a big factor in whether and how easily people can put on muscle.

Some people can notice definition and see their muscle mass increasing pretty quickly. Others have an extremely difficult time.

But back to #1, if you start to gain muscle and realize you want to slow it down, you can! it doesn’t happen overnight, and you can make changes to go for the aesthetics you desire.

Muscular women look that way for a reason.

When you see a woman who is incredibly muscular, it’s because she worked her ass off!

She has put in years at the gym.

She has dialed in her nutrition.

She lifts heavy consistently.

It is not easy to put on muscle, especially for women.

So if you see a muscular woman, don’t be afraid it’s going to suddenly happen to you. It takes a lot of hard work to look that way.

And who knows – when you start seeing your muscles in the mirror, you might decide you want more!

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