My Kids Are Watching

At Sycamore CrossFit, we talk a lot about your why

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to get into shape? Why did you walk through these doors?

My why is my family. And that’s true for a lot of us.

So you might be asking yourself, if my children are the reason for me coming to the gym, why don’t I spend that hour with them instead?

Because they are watching.

My children are watching the value I put on my physical health.

My children are watching the value I put on my mental health.

My daughters are watching the fact that moms need time for themselves too.

My children are learning that exercise can be fun.

My children are building positive habits now because children mimic our behaviors.

Children repeat what they see their parents do much more than what we ask them to do. If you’ve ever sworn in front of you child, you know this to be very *fudging* true.

I have the strength, endurance, and desire to run around with my children because I am in shape.

And more than that, they are learning the importance of health, exercise, and nutrition by watching me prioritize my own.

My kids are watching. I am going to show them how to take care of themselves.

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