Athlete Spotlight – Katie A.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

When I moved to Hampshire in the summer of 2019, I struggled to find a good workout routine. With a background mostly in dance, yoga, and barre classes, I craved the ability to gain more muscle. My husband suggested that I try CrossFit, and then I remembered that my cousin Michelle was always talking about how much she loved Sycamore CrossFit. I hesitated since it is a 15 mile drive each way, but during the first week I was hooked. The coaches attention to form and genuine interest in our lives is something I’ve never experienced in group fitness. Also, the members are so down to earth and cheer each other on!

What’s your best story about the gym?

After my first intro lesson, Coach Eric asked me if I had any questions. For some reason, I had this preconceived notion that I should be taking classes with people my age and at my ability level (probably due to intimidation), so I asked him what the crowd was like during the 8:30 am class I planned on attending. He tilted his head to the side, and then just started shouting across the room to the 8:30 class, “Hey! How old are you guys?!” I was mortified, humbled, and entertained. What I was about to find out was that each class is a complete mix of bad ass CrossFitters from all walks of life. This mix of people is the secret sauce to helping us all become the best versions of ourselves!

What advice would you give to the person you were a year ago?

Stop doing your same old exercise routine. You think you are pushing yourself, but you’re not.

What accomplishment at the gym or in your nutrition are you the most proud of?

I am so happy to feel like I won’t blow away in the wind anymore. Everyone would always compliment me on how thin I looked, but inside I felt weak. Since starting at Sycamore CrossFit in January 2020 I’ve gained a consistent 7 pounds of muscle and hope to continue that growth. I have come to enjoy the cashed out feel after a difficult WOD, and the way my mind feels cleansed for a good 24 hours post workout.

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