Athlete of the Week – Sandy Henert

We are thrilled to announce Sandy H. as our Athlete of the Week! If you know anything about Sandy you know she is one of the sweetest people at the gym! She always comes in with a smile, and I honestly think she even smiles during WODs that she doesn’t particularly enjoy. But don’t be deceived, Sandy is crazy strong too. She came to us with a running background and a strong cardio base, but she has gained a tremendous amount of strength since starting with us. She still loves a good running WOD, but also loves to challenge herself to lift heavy when she can. One of her most recent PRs was for the front squat with a 10 lb. increase for 143 lbs. That’s amazing! We love that SYCF has made you healthier, stronger and more confident! We are proud of you, and glad to have you as part of the SYCF family!

How would you explain your occupation to a 5 year old?

I try to convince high school kids to go to college.

How did you get started with CrossFit?

Both my sisters did CrossFit, and I thought if they can do it then I can do it.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I started last August

What are your hobbies and interests outside CrossFit?

I love hanging out with my friends and family. As well as any type of traveling, going to concerts, watching football, and running.

What is your fitness background?

I played softball all throughout high school. I didn’t do much after that until 2016 I discovered that I like running, I even completed my first half-marathon last year, and am training for my second one now.

Short-term training goal?

Being able to do rope climbs, double unders, and toes to bar.

Long-term training goal?

Would like to do a strict pull up someday, which goes along with just trying to build my upper body strength up over time.

What is your favorite movement?

Running of course, any type of cardio, and deadlifts.

What is your least favorite movement?

I am not a fan of rowing, or overhead squats.

Proudest moment in CrossFit so far?

I feel like I have a had a lot of proud moments at CrossFit, but I was pretty pumped when I was able to do a wall handstand (still working on that though), and doing a deadlift at a little over 200 pounds

What was your biggest obstacle to starting CrossFit and how did you overcome that?

I think like a lot of people I was very intimidated. I thought about joining CrossFit for months but never pulled the trigger. Actually I met someone who is currently a member at the gym and she told me how much she loved it and that made me finally sign up.

What kept you coming back?

Definitely all the people, everyone is so encouraging and very supportive. I have also noticed changes to my body, and can see myself getting stronger which is awesome.

Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit?

Do not be intimidated, everyone at the box is very friendly and supportive. Also do not compare yourself to other people. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Just focus on your goals and feeling good about yourself.

How has Sycamore CrossFit changed your life?

It has changed my life in so many ways, I have become a lot healthier and stronger, and honestly have gained more confidence about myself. I plan on doing CrossFit for a very long time.

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