Athlete of the Week – Mac MacCulloch

Mac is just a straight up good guy and has seamlessly woven himself into the fabric of the gym. He’s been consistently hitting up WODs,  adding fun to the community, and encouraging his wife to join! He’s coachable, loves to work hard and brings a positive attitude to each class he attends. So glad you call Sycamore CrossFit home Mac!


How would you explain your occupation to a 5 year old?

I use really hot rocks to boil water to make steam to turn big turbines that generate electricity you use to turn the lights on in your house.

How did you get started with CrossFit?

It was recommended to me by my brother so I joined a box while still living in San Diego. When I moved to Illinois I found Sycamore CrossFit.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Off and on since 2014

What are your hobbies and interests outside CrossFit?

Spending time with my family, off-roading, guns, coffee, being in the mountains.

What is your fitness background?

Played most sports as a kid growing up in California and kept pretty fit while serving in the Navy.

Short-term training goal?

Just keep trying to show up everyday.

Long-term training goal?

Getting a muscle-up would be pretty cool.

What is your favorite movement?

Any day with heavy lifting is my favorite.

What is your least favorite movement?

Burpees of course!

Proudest moment in CrossFit so far?

Convincing my wife to join and seeing her kick ass everyday!!

What was your biggest obstacle to starting CrossFit and how did you overcome that?

It was probably the cost in the beginning but I’ve come to find it’s definitely worth it.

What kept you coming back?

The structure and the people and the social aspect of the hour I’m there and the coaching.

Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit?

Just go man, just go.

How has Sycamore CrossFit changed your life?

Making me feel welcome in a place I was a stranger.

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