Athlete of the Week – Danielle Winnan

This mama is one fierce competitor and knows the commitment it takes to excel in sports without a doubt! Starting at the age of 4 she began her journey in athletics and has not stopped yet. Well…. Maybe just a little while to deliver her twin boys (who are the cutest little dudes ever!). Danielle will put every ounce of energy into her workout, fighting for every rep and every second. She even found a way to workout during her knee surgery rehab, which included a skateboard and rowing machine. Did I mention she is fierce? Along with her genuine smile, you’ll often find members of Sycamore CrossFit enjoying her company and staying after class to play with her cute little dudes. We love seeing the whole Winnan crew role into the gym together (along with Camille the dog). Danielle you are crushing being a mom of twin boys, and you are already crushing workouts again! Keep up the great work girl!


I was a physical education teacher for 3 years. My main focus was teaching our children how being active can be so much fun, even outside of school. Now, I am a full-time stay at home mom of my twin boys.

How did you get started with CrossFit?

My husband, Jeremy, became a coach at Sycamore CrossFit and dragged me to a class one day. I fell in love with it ever since.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I have been doing CrossFit for a little over 3 years now.

What are your hobbies and interests outside CrossFit?

I really enjoy volleyball and wake surfing.  

What is your fitness background?

I played sports since I was 4 years old. I started with softball and then eventually picked up basketball and volleyball. I played all three sports through high school and played volleyball all 4 years in college. So, I really started working out more in high school, but I wouldn’t say I was actually taught the proper way. Sycamore CrossFit really corrected my form so I can be successful.

Short-term training goal?

To get my cardio and weights back to where they were pre-pregnancy.

Long-term training goal?

Honestly, to get a pull-up! I have never in my life been able to do one.

What is your favorite movement?

My favorite would have to been the clean.

What is your least favorite movement?

My least favorite would be the snatch because that is one of my weaker movements, but I do think it looks the coolest.

Proudest moment in CrossFit so far?

Being able to compete in a partner Rx competition with my husband and doing well!

What was your biggest obstacle to starting CrossFit and how did you overcome that?

I am a huge competitor, but I was very intimidated by the members who were there a while and already knew what they were doing. I don’t like being a newbie. But, once I started, the members are so welcoming and friendly that the intimidation factor went away pretty quickly.

What kept you coming back?

The community that Sycamore CrossFit has developed is a huge factor. Some of my closest friends go to the gym and it’s so fun being able to workout with them. Also, the workouts are always changing so it keeps each day interesting and challenging.

Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit?

Just do it. There is nothing scary about it. Every workout can be modified to fit every type of person that walks through the door and each person is challenged in their own way.

How has Sycamore CrossFit changed your life?

Growing up, I was always into sports, so working out was part of that. I used to think it was just something I had to do and I hated it. Now, since going to Sycamore CrossFit, I can truly say I enjoy working out.


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