Maximizing Recovery

One of the biggest mistakes I see among our athletes is they forget this core truth: we get fitter not from training, but from recovering from training. Some of the most experienced, hardcore athletes I know fail to heed the importance of recovery. Genetics is a factor we can’t control. Researchers have found genetic variants of genes […]

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Nutrition Achievement Spotlight: Mikalah B.

Today’s Nutrition Achievement Spotlight is: Mikalah B.   Mikalah began our nutrition program in October of 2017. Over the past 11 months, she has seen some incredible results! I mean, have you seen those abs?! She has lost body fat and increased her performance in the gym, getting PRs on every single lift! Like many […]

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Athlete of the Week – David Lesorgen

This week David joins the ranks as an Athlete of the Week for Sycamore CrossFit. A former powerlifter, David came to us knowing how to lift, but needed a change from the traditional gym routine. David is extremely coachable and is always looking to improve technique. Anything he learns he’s happy to share with other […]

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